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Major Roles of a career counsellor

Help you figure out human behaviour of who you are and what you want out of your life, your career, and your education.

A career counsellor is someone for you to talk about your ideas, feelings, concerns and thoughts about your educational choices and career.

Help you pinpoint the vital factors influencing your career development, and help you assess your values, interests, and abilities

Help you locate sources and resources of career information.

Help you to determine the next steps and develop a plan to achieve your goals.

Will help you organize, sort out, and make sense of your feelings and thoughts.

Career Counselling in Delhi

Counselling refers to the process of serving help to a person by providing guidance, exploring solutions and moral support for the problems being faced. “Counselling” is usually correlated with a professional helping out an individual in need. This professional is someone who understands personality, human behaviour and knows how to give the correct direction to their thoughts.

Why Career Counselling in Delhi?

Career Counselling in Delhi helps individuals in building career and academic paths for the brilliant way forward for the people. The simplest career counselling in Delhi will eventually help a student evaluate the abilities, interests, and way to groom vital skills and overcome challenges and obstacles.

Best Career Counselling in Delhi
Best Career Counselling Delhi

Why students in Delhi prefers career counselling

Best Career Counselling in Delhi is one who has immense skills and knowledge in various aspects of life and education. Right from calculating and studying the A-Z of K-12 industry to understanding every individual’s behavioural psychology to knowledge about various industries, admission requirements by colleges in India and abroad, etc. and a bit like the typical salary of varied fields.

lg tv Well, suppose the Best Career Counselling role in Delhi was to be described in today’s digital language. In that case, it might be almost like Google Maps. a bit like google maps show us the proper path or proper directions, sort of a roadmap to our desired destination, a Best Career Counsellor in Delhi guides a student towards the proper career path to assist them in achieving their career goals.

Scope of career counselling in Delhi

  • India's current demographics: As per a report, about 67% of India's population is in the working age of 15-64. Additionally, a majority of this is in the 15-30 years age bracket.

  • A dearth of professional career counsellors : Currently, India needs at least 1.4 million more career counsellors to bridge the gap between demand and supply.

  • The large size of the market: The estimated size of the need for career assessments and guidance is stated at approximately Rs 5000 crores.

  • Broad career opportunities: Career counselling is one of the rare professions which allow you to work with school students, parents of these students, graduates, young professionals, and even mid-career professionals looking for a switch.

  • Dynamic technological advancement: Career counsellors are always well-read and updated about market trends so they can contribute well to individual career path development.

  • Low investment business model With the right certification and an industry-leading career counselling platform, one can operate as a career counsellor from almost any part of the country.

Career Counsellor in Delhi
Tech-Based career counselling in Delhi

There is a lack of self-understanding, personal planning and goal setting abilities among students, which result in limited work efficiency and demoralized work attitude due to lack of interest when they enter the workplace.

Hence, career counselling platforms are remedial or advisory services for students when they need to make a subject or career choice. A number of technologies based on artificial intelligence and machine learning are coming up to provide support to users in making choices during career planning in accordance with their interests, capabilities, and orientation.

Testimonials by Students on Career Counselling in Delhi

Career Counsellor Delhi

Why is career counselling important?

Helps in finding interest

Career counselling will lead the individual to find your interest with full enthusiasm and which you do with fun. The work will make your work more strong, which you do with full interest.

Helps in finding the right career path

Proper career counselling helps you to find the correct and, based on your interest, the best career path for the specific counselee.

Helps in acquiring the best skills

Career counselling will make you clear and have more clarity about what skills the person needs to work on.

Make you clear about your career

Career counselling will clear your all confusion and doubts related to your career. So, you can make a much wise decision for your life.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the Career Counselling process?
  • Step 1: Choose a career counselling package and make an online payment.

  • Step 2: Give ten tests from your desktop or mobile.

  • Step 3: Fill in 3 Aspired Careers and download the Automated Career Assessment Report.
  • Step 4: Attend the face to a face counselling appointment with a Mentor where a Final Career path will be suggested.
2. Why is Career planning and guidance Important? Does Career Guidance make a difference?

Your career is totally your responsibility. Career planning and guidance help one to develop a set of career goals, strategy and options based on your aptitude, interests, personality, skills and values. Once you have a plan and proper guidance, you will be equipped to self-manage your career and take advantage of changes in the economy and job market rather than becoming a victim of change. Your career decisions will definitely dramatically impact your lifestyle.

5. Can we only come for a session of counselling even if we have already done aptitude testing?

Yes. Absolutely. Any individual could take an appointment only for a counselling session, but please make sure the test results are within six months of its administration. If the tests have been done six months earlier or more, it's always recommended the child does the testing once again.

3. How many days the process is Career Counselling?

There is no such fixed period till the query is not solved, but the general operation of Career Counselling is 2 days:

  • Career Assessment Test (1st Day)

  • Report Generation (On the spot after completion of Test)

  • Personal Face to Face Counselling with Mentor in your Area (next day or any convenient day).
4. Are these aptitude tests difficult?

These aptitude tests are meant to understand the individual, the counselee's personality and their aptitude. You may have the answers to a few asked questions, and for a few, you may not have an answer. It’s fine. You will not be judged or be negatively marked. For some questions, there are no wrong or right answers; those questions are meant to reflect your thought process.

6. What is the need for a Career Assessment Test?

Every student faces the dilemma of choosing the most suitable career for himself/herself. Career Assessment is a test that is based on scientific methods and guidance that helps students and their guardians in self-evaluation. Students can make better career choices, based on the reports. Teachers also get valuable information for guiding students.